Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Music that I'm Listening to

The easiest way to judge a person: What kind of music do they listen to?

- Deerhoof - a weirder, less theatrical Blonde Redheads
- Mos Def - his flow is ill, or at least thats what the kids tell me
- Kings of Convenience - self described as "Glacier meets Bossanova"
- Kings of Leon - new album, not as good as the first but still pretty good
- Dizzee Rascal - English Black rapper with a stilted rapping style
- M.I.A. - English Indian rapper with a stilted rapping style

Will you still be my friend?

Added Thurs, March 31, 2005

- My Chemical Romance - goth-metal-punk-cock-rock with a hint of "dorky funny kid from high-school". (posted especially for Cree)


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