Sunday, June 12, 2005

*Snip Snip* *Sizzle Sizzle*

I got a haircut yesterday at one of my favorite salons in the city. But when I got to the salon, a wave of heat like nothing I had ever even felt before smacked me in the face. Their air conditioner had been broken for three days. They are located in the basement of a building so the option of opening windows was nonexistent. And those scissor-wielding punk-asses only bothered to invest in about 4 cheap standing fans. Now add to that 15 blow dryers and you got yourself a tar-melting inferno.

Everyone’s hair was drenched and it wasn’t because of the shampooing. After my stylist apologized for the heat, she ushered me to her workstation. There, I was faced with the sad reality that her chair was made of black leather.

An hour later, my hair was completely matted against my head from all the sweat. All the cut hair had stuck to my skin and by the end of the appointment my chest looked like Burt Reynolds.

Anyway, it wasn’t till I got home and took a cold shower that I realized…my haircut sucks!


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