Thursday, May 26, 2005

I Need You Now More Than Ever

Can I ask your advice?

I need some more art for my apartment but I can't decide what to get. Which one do you like?

All of these are limited edition prints, 100cm x 70cm (to people who hate america) or 39" x 27" (to americans). They are paintings by Graham Coxon , of Blur fame.

1. Nude #4 nude4
I like the glacial feeling to this picture, but it might be a bit sappy too.
2. Nude #2nude2
This one shows off the lines of the painting, but the colors are a bit Terrance Conran, if you know what I mean.
3. Girl with Brown Hairbrownhair
I like this one a lot, but I guess I just wish that I could have the original which is oil paint on wood. So if buy this one, will it be a constant reminder of what I will never have?


Anonymous KidItamae said...

I see the votes aren't exactly flooding in. Very nude filled choices. But would still have to say Girl with Brown Hair . . . and may you weep every time you see it on your wall.

What about Happiness in Magazines? That's where i find most of my happiness.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Pants said...

Nude #4 doesn't really look naked. Quel faux advertisement!

You should forget about your dreams and assume somebody else's. So much easier that way.

2:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ouch june. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot for nothing! Enjoy your stupid nudey painting that I could make in my sleep if I were blinded in one eye and RETARDED! You now whats limited edition- this friendship.
Your "Friend" The Artist (Tanya)

4:59 PM  

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