Sunday, June 26, 2005

Birthday Fizzles and Cherries Popped

Today is my birthday and while birthdays were never a big deal to me, I would usually wake up with a giddy-happy feeling. Today I could barely muster the motivation to get out of bed to make those four steps to my bathroom. I suppose I would characterize the feeling as sadness but with a hint of disappointment.

Last night I went out to The Porch on 7th and Ave C. It was a joint birthday venture between me and my friend Stephanie. Too loud, too crowded, too much of a Saturday Night crowd.

Then I ran into a friend who, for some reason, decided to tell me that my ex-boyfriend was dating some high school girl. I quickly plugged up my ears. La La La La. I don't want to hear about it. Leave my romantic nostalgia intact please. But now I can't get the idea of Jon turning into some gross older man who is on the prowl for unpopped cherries. It makes me really sad.

I'm going to see Spamalot today. My mother bought be $100 tickets that are only "partial view". What kind of bull-crap is that? For $100 bucks I want to be on stage having Hank Azaria and David Hyde Pierce giving me lap dances while I eat from a can of processed meat.

Then it's off to dinner, which will no doubt be disappointing and awkward as only family meals can be.

I'm sad for today, but I think it'll pass. Please tell me it will pass.


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