Friday, November 11, 2005

Sometimes, I must surrender to being a sheep

I know this was already featured on the Daily Show, so it doesn't have that same ironic, indie, street cred that I usually aspire to. But it was very apropos to my current obsession: cannibalism.

I've been spending much of my day thinking about whether or not you would go back to regular meat once you go cannibal.

Anyway, here is the site I wanted to link to:

Eat HuFu - The Healthy Human Flesh Alternative

These are two possible taglines that I would like to submit to the HuFU corporation.

"Same great flavor! Less Guilt!"
"When you want to have your neighbors for dinner, but don't want all the fuss" (courtesy of my brother, Evan)

More importantly, I would like to draw you attention to this very funny t-shirt



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