Monday, October 03, 2005

What in Tarnation?

I admit that I watch [adult swim] every night. And I am certain that a portion of this blog's readership indulges in the same. So, has anyone else seen these bizarro commercials for

The premise seems to be based on a school that teaches Mario-like maneuvers: Ducking, Jumping, Hiding.

Now, at first glance this type of elaborate spoof (it brings to mind those commercials for Tiger Schulmann's Karate) is usually right up my alley. But there's something about the commitment that leaves me feeling slightly uncomfortable. It's like when a friend repeats a joke one too many times.

First Time: Joke is Funny. Ha Ha Ha.
Second Time: Yeah. Ha Ha.
Third Time: HA HA HA. You keep telling the same joke over and over again! You're a tard!
Fifth time: uh.....rrr....huh?

Regardless, it's still worth posting about this site--if only in the hopes of getting some answers.

I also can't pass up any site that references ninjas. It's my secret shame.


Blogger rayray said...

I too am a fan of Adult Swim,(yea.......i'm 37 and love cartoons/Anime...SO?) and have seen these ads.

My jury's still out on what the f*ck it's all about!
I haven't taken the time to check out the site but proabably should before the Ninja's come after me!! (I also have a penchant for Ninja's........oy)

9:23 PM  
Blogger Pitfall Harry said...

I took a class at that school a few months back, just to try and add a few inches to my vertical leap. Didn't do much for me though. The ladders classes were very decent though.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Kato said...

Remember, Harry, as long as you stand on the eyes of the alligators (crocodiles?) they can't bite you. Then just grab a vine and swing out of there.

If you like ninjas, I'm sure you've seen Real Ultimate Power, right?

4:04 PM  

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