Friday, April 01, 2005

Oh! Excuse me...that wasn't me. It was my brain.

Today was by far the weirdest day ...ever. At exactly, 4pm, my brain shut down and I just couldn't concentrate so I left work right away. Called my friend Dana who was also having a weird day and we decided the only remedy was to get a manicure. That sovled the problem for about 25 minutes and then it was back to feeling crazy.

Then I remember that I had tickets to see Graham Coxon at the Bowery Ballroom. After 1 1/2 lame opening bands, I bailed and didn't even see Graham play.

Now I'm back at home and obsessing over the band My Chemical Romance. Don't ask me why, cause I really can't explain it. Part of it might be that I have a crush on the guitarist. This is my first band crush since I was probably 16 years old.

Can you tell that I'm going crazy...let's see if I make it to monday.


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