Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Animals are people too...wait, huh? Read this anyway.

I didn't even think about all the animals that were effected by the disaster in New Orleans (natural and federal) until today. I heard that evacuees were being forced to leave behind their pets. I imagined puppies being pried away from their owners hands and left on the side of the street. Luckily, I checked on and discovered that was a rumor. While many owners have been separated from their animals during the evacuation process, the pets have been housed in various shelters in the surrounding area. Efforts are being made to insure the well-being of the animals and a computer system is being used to reunite animal and animal lovers. I am sure there are many animals that are still stranded in the flooded city and hopefully rescue efforts are proving successful.

Anyway, I thought this was something interesting to think about and another great way to help out. I will definitely be making a donation.



Blogger lili musqué said...

In france, we would call you "Brigitte Bardot"!!! ;o)
but you're right... that's interesting... I did not think about that before. I would absolutly not be separated from my pet (...that I don't have... yet)

It makes me think about a recent artcile I read... Brigitte Bardot was fighting against a very old custom in "l'ile de la reunion" (french) where they still use kitten and puppies as fish-hook, to catch sharks... disgusting...
I think it concerns only few people (I hope so...)

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