Saturday, August 27, 2005

Gawker Stalker: There's a new stalker in town...

Saw Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger in neighborhood restaurant in Park Slope. They were not nearly as obnoxious as I was hoping them to be. Both looked really relaxed. MW was WAY preggers and HL look summer cool with a buzz cut. I always thought I would vomit if I ever saw them together, but I ended up wanting to sit at their table and rub MW's tummy.

Also spotted Lindsay Lohan, One of the Olsens, Adrian Grenier, Willem Dafoe, Humphrey Bogart,Bob Saget, Napoleon Bonapart, Naomi Watts with Lev Schrieber and Jesus (wearing some weird tunic-y thing, Quick! Someone call!)


Blogger lili musqué said...

Who are these guys????
this is not a post for foreigners :o(

well, I know Jesus... I have to say that I saw him once in a church!!! (I know... you're jealous!)

5:06 PM  

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