Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Get your corporate infrastructure on!

I was "promoted" this week. I'm now the Marketing Manager for the company that I work at. To inaugurate myself into this new position, I decided to switch desks. And I am not the happy occupant of the "back area".

Every office and households has that "back area". Maybe it's where you put that frayed broom, mildewed crunchy mop, or a tangle of extension cords.

So now I sit in front of the fire exit and behind the air conditioner room. Needless to say, the dulcet tones of a 40 year old air system is constantly luring me into Sleepyland.

But, on the bright side I can now pick my nose to my heart's content.


Blogger Jn said...

That post is sooo great! I love picking my nose at my corporate office too!! :-)
But I feel quite uncomfortable do it in the huge open space where I sit every day...

9:26 PM  

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